I  UNCOVERED TWO  Very  important  SECRETS of Building Pyramids in  Ancient Egypt    The TWO theories were  patent protected  in EGYPT 2002 , and 2007 ( A REVOLUTION  on the way most people  think of HOW PYRAMIDS WERE BUILT


It was published  in el Akhbar -one of the two main newspapers in Egypt-, and in Rosalyousef -a very popular magazine -and Afak Arabia.

I gave many lectures about it to my guide colleagues and in private cultural saloons of Dr waseem Elseesy and Dr Mohsen Lotfy Elsayed -where you find groups of highly educated people of all different backgrounds and interests .

The  first theory  2002  was met by great approval of all attendants ,no opposition from anyone , on the contrary the tourist guides who were convinced about it started explaining the theory to the tourists as if it were a known fact.

Recently I found more solid proofs that supports my theory to change it into a real fact.

The second Theory was patented only on Oct 3, 2007